A Walk In The Woods

I fled to the night and ran from the known,
The shadows lurked; into monsters they’d grown –
I was prey for the hunt in a forest of old.

Under the canopy I walked far and deep,
Full of fear for the monsters that creep;
Among those woods my faith must be bold.

With only the light of the full moon to hide –
I could clearly see – my problems a guide.
On I went to let anxieties unfold.

There opened a clearing, enclosed by the grim.
Even in night, these trees were not dim;
Untouched by man were these oaks of the wold.

They were capable of magic – not evil, nor divine –
And cast on me a spell of which I have seen no kind;
Soon a dark, unknown power I began to behold.

I stabbed my hand deep to dig through the mud;
Paying no heed to my hand’s dripping blood
‘Till I stood bottomed in a pit that I myself holed.

Now I live lost, in this spell bound abyss,
I chat with demons along the fiery Styx –
Always, I am stuck on my walk through the woods –
But only here, can my wandering’s tales be told.

They were capable of magic – not evil, nor divine

About gnarlyoak

"Nestled sporadically over great and endless knolls, devoid of life during dry summer months, the oak trees of Los Altos Hills – so numerous around my home – speak to me in an unheard language. Like any person I am the sum of my successes and failures but unlike the masses I have heard the language of the oaks – I found meaning in their forgotten voice." - Song of the Oak
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16 Responses to A Walk In The Woods

  1. gnarlyoak says:

    To anyone wondering: wold is a word.

  2. Reflections says:

    Interesting style in your poem, deep thoughts, matching the gnarls of the tree that follows. Well done piece.

  3. david waters says:

    you paint a very descriptive picture of magical woods…. 🙂

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    Nice photo and poem.

    The poem has an old time fairy tale sort of feel to it. Well done.

  5. trisha says:

    what a poem! Its been long since i read a poem so fulfilling. You painted the entire scene with your words.

    breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. Jingle says:

    love the imagery.

  7. great poem. nice verse and use of rhyme. loved the imagery. excellent job!

  8. Sunflowerdiva says:

    I really enjoyed this poem. It sounded like something you might find in an old fairytale. Great rythym to it, and good vocabulary–up until now I’d never known that “wold” was a word! 😀

  9. Lisa says:

    Very visual poem, great!

  10. now THIS is poetry! i adore this piece. i have a fascination with trees. especially the oak. i love to photograph them as well, so this was a pleasure to read! timeless piece. bravo!

    my potluck:

  11. Ina says:

    Very good poem, you caught the mystery of the woods so well!

  12. Nevermoraven says:

    The description is very brilliant. Good poem!


  13. ljm (Amias) says:

    This is an amazing walk … I love it when a poem as creative as this one, use fresh words … I love how you used the word “wold” as I am indeed a word freak. I also like the style in which you created this piece of art …

    Thank you for dropping by my place.

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