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Words of Wisdom Readers — welcome to The Gnarly Oak. I am the current Blogger of Note! Thanks so much, Words of Wisdom for the opportunity and thank you to the WOWers visiting.

I live in Los Altos Hills, California; since my early childhood I have discovered profound inspiration – and learned many lessons – from the nature around me. The gnarly oaks and skyward redwoods of the area can bring one back to their very roots – the true you – untainted by society. I do not blog to preach any of my beliefs but rather it is my hope that through my work you can make your own realizations about your life, your appreciations, your philosophy. Below are links to some of my favorites, you can use them as possible starting points.

Berry Creek Falls - Big Basin Redwoods State Park - 7 miles into an 11 mile loop

Prying Open My Third Eye
A Walk Among The Sheeple
Shoes In My Brain
Starry Night
Looming Moon

La Paloma

Short Stories
The Lenses

How The Gnarly Oak got its name:
Song of the Oak

Besides these select few, The Gnarly Oak is populated with many more pieces. If you like what you see in the links above, keep reading; there is so much more!

Thanks again for visiting,
Ryan Griffiths


About gnarlyoak

"Nestled sporadically over great and endless knolls, devoid of life during dry summer months, the oak trees of Los Altos Hills – so numerous around my home – speak to me in an unheard language. Like any person I am the sum of my successes and failures but unlike the masses I have heard the language of the oaks – I found meaning in their forgotten voice." - Song of the Oak
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  1. Wow what beautiful pictures. I enjoyed this post. Thanks!

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