King of the Hill

Up on my hilltop
Looking down on the bay;
I see roads, houses, a bridge –
All so far beneath me.

Up here I am king
Of that land below;
From my castle at this peak
I rule as far as eye can see.

Suddenly I heard a voice from behind;
As I gazed up I realized
It was the great mountains
Who had begun to speak –
                                      High above me.

It was the great mountains who had begun to speak - High above me.


About gnarlyoak

"Nestled sporadically over great and endless knolls, devoid of life during dry summer months, the oak trees of Los Altos Hills – so numerous around my home – speak to me in an unheard language. Like any person I am the sum of my successes and failures but unlike the masses I have heard the language of the oaks – I found meaning in their forgotten voice." - Song of the Oak
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