Thank you for visiting! I’m Ryan Griffiths. Welcome to The Gnarly Oak – my writing blog. Here you can find my poems, memoirs, short stories or whatever other creative musings are spit out by my mind. Living in the rolling hills of Northern California has influenced myself and and my writing immensely – hence the name of the blog. I take away a lot from everything I write; it is my hope that these words can speak to you in a way that you’ve never quite heard before.

Los Altos Hills



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  1. Francine Freeman says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Verne shared with me the link to your writing blog, and I want to tell you how much I enjoy seeing your work. You have a gift of literary consciousness along with real visual acumen. I encourage you to cultivate both daily, as these are some of the best companions a person can have. May The Gnarly Oak have a long and distinguished future–we’re fans here at Casa La Mata!

  2. Hey. You need to get rid of the tag at the upper right corner that says, “Just another WordPress.com blog”–because this isn’t. Looking forward to following on RSS. I would love to go blading (that’s how we Canadians say inline skating) anywhere in California–maybe your poems will give me some ideas.

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